Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tablet POS is a Smart Choice for Start-Up Establishments and Emerging Restaurants

Making the Switch to a Tablet-Based POS
..Mobile POS allows businesses to mount the iPad-based system at the front counter, but employees can use them throughout the food establishment or restaurant. This means an employee won't have to leave the customer to check prices or gather additional information. He or she can use the tablet to verify that information, such as the cost of the menu, to compare costs of different dishes, and answer additional questions on the spot. Customers have a more positive dining experience knowing that wait staff are always on hand to provide the information they need quickly and without fuss..
The POS Benefits Both the Environment and Business Strategy
A tablet POS is good for the environment for several reasons. The most obvious is the reduction in paper and printed material. In restaurants, servers can take orders electronically cutting down (or possibly out) the need for order pads. What's more, the orders can be sent directly to the kitchen terminal cutting down on incorrect orders and other expediting errors. Customers also have the option of receiving email copies of their receipts...Read more here

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