Thursday, August 24, 2017

11 Simple Ways to Reward Loyal Customers (AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP BUYING!)

Customer retention for retailers can make-or-break your bottom line. Here are some easy and affordable tips for making your customers want to keep returning to your business.. Counterpoint POS systems have powerful marketing tools, automated customer loyalty, and gift card program to ensure a loyal customer base.
1. Offer Special Attention to Loyal Customers
2. Offer Extra Focus to your Not-So-Faithful Customers
3. A Simple Gesture Goes a Long Way
4. Speaking of Personalizing…Use your Brand!
5. Give Them A Rain Check
6. An Image Is Worth One Thousand Words
7. Guidance and Skillful Tips are Priceless
8. Share Local Goods
9. It’s All About The Package
10. Begin a Program
11. Give a Free Gift
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