Monday, July 31, 2017

Retailers Using Mobile POS See 42% Higher Sales Growth

Mobile POS is continuing it's rapid adoption in the enterprise, driving the overall installed base of units up 24.9% in 2017, according to new research from IHL Group.
The new study "Mobile POS: What Reality Looks Like" outlines the growth of enterprise shipments of Mobile POS as part of the transformation that retailers are making to improve the customer experience. And the results are fairly dramatic.
One highlight of the study is those enterprise retailers using Mobile POS are seeing sales growth 42% higher than those that do not use mPOS.
A key change in the market is how the use of the devices differ between larger retailers and smaller chains. The smaller retailers, mPOS is generally a replacement for traditional POS and many simply act as a fixed station device. It is essentially serves a traditional POS function, but in a form factor of a tablet or handheld.
In the enterprise, the mPOS is most often used as an additional customer touch point, augmenting the personal engagement with the customer, helping with save the sale functionality and selling of accessories.
This study is designed for vendors, retailers, and investors looking at key drivers of the Mobile POS Market. It includes shipments, installed base, and forecasts for units through 2021. It also distinguishes between small handhelds, tablets, and ruggedized handhelds. Further it distinguishes between those devices that are simply fixed position or truly mobile. Read more here

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