Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Using Data-Based Decisions to Improve your Independent Restaurant Business

..Today’s Point-of-sale technology can help independent restaurant operators gain unparalleled insights into their business with the click of a button. By upgrading your POS, you can easily and definitively answer specific questions, such as, “what time should I open,” or “is it worth it to stay open on Sundays,” or “should I consolidate the number of menu items I offer?” These data-based decisions have the potential to level the playing field for your business as you compete against larger chains and in increasingly crowded markets. 
..The possibilities are almost limitless. With the right technology, you can analyze which menu items perform best and when, identify trends and spikes in business so you can more appropriately allocate staff resources, determine whether or not to open on a holiday or even identify which servers take the most time to turn tables and train them to be more efficient. By closing the gap on operational inefficiencies, you’ll have more time to dedicate to top quality customer service – and maybe even a vacation.. Read more here

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