Monday, February 6, 2017

Waterproof Receipt Printers More Widely Deployed

..Depending on the environment in which you conduct your business, investing in a waterproof printer might be a luxury; for others, it’s a downright necessity. The chance of coming into contact with water and other various liquids is largely unavoidable in certain businesses..
..A new addition to their Thermal Receipt Printer series, the Posiflex AURA PP9000 offers a water and dust-resistant printer (see inset in picture on the right). At about six inches and just over 2 ½ pounds, this model is ideal for non-mobile solutions (think desktop)..
..Another water resistant printing option comes from Cognitive.  The company designed the 5-inch A798 printer (see image top left) to withstand nominal water damage; it includes a liquid dam and drainage features to help protect the printer from water damage.  For even more protection, Cognitive offers a Spill Guard accessory for the printer. The A798 prints out a standard 6-inch receipt in 1 second, which cuts with a self-sharpening ceramic knife, and this knife is supposed to last for three million cuts before failure..
..This past spring, Bixolon introduced the SRP-F310II.  Nicely sized, this water resistant and dustproof printer bixolon waterproof printertakes up very little counter space (although you still have the option of wall mounting if you prefer). In addition to saving space, the SRP-F31011 supports paper save modes and is Energy Star certified. The printer is 29% faster from the preceding model (SRP-F310). Made with a rugged design, Bixolon built the model with special waterproofing technology and a water-resistant top..Read more here

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