Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taming Traffic. The East Bay’s traffic is only getting worse. Here are three big projects that might just help calm it.

..The changes might be small, but they’ll go a long way in streamlining those morning and evening commutes. And if all goes well, that Friday light will shine from Monday through Friday in the very near future..
1) High-Occupancy Toll Lanes
We’re familiar with the acronym for high-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV) for carpoolers. But to speed up the traffic, high-occupancy toll lanes (HOT), or express lanes, will soon make their debut on more sections of the East Bay’s freeways. The idea is simple: Commuters willing to pay the fees posted on an electronic board for the privilege of traveling in lanes with less traffic will join carpoolers. This will move cars out of the jammed-up noncarpool lanes, thereby speeding up traffic on the entire freeway.
2) eBART  (East Contra Costa BART Extension)  
Though many think that adding a rail line to Antioch from the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station won’t impact Central Contra Costa County traffic, it will do more than most expect. And remember, incremental changes are the goal. If eBART can cut traffic by 2 percent, that will help make Friday light a Tuesday reality.
3) BART to Warm Springs
Warm Springs will have 2,000 more parking spaces, and some riders who now come from Fremont can take advantage of the new station (which should open by the end of this year). Read more here

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