Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to resolve thermal printer inconsistent/poor image quality and paper jams.

Thermal printer cleaning cards and swabs extend the life of your printer head and improve overall image quality. Regular use of these printer cleaning supplies will:
  • - Help maintain good printer performance and reliability
  • - Prolong the life of vital printer heads, transport rollers and magnetic encoder parts
  • - Give you improved quality on all of your printed materials
  • - Resolve problem with paper jams

Clean thermal printer head twice a year by:
  • - Head Cleaning cards
  • - Q-tips saturated with alcohol applied to the printer head and roller (puller)

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Case Study: Chinese Restaurant Upgrades Its Point of Sale System

For decades, things at Jeng Chi didn’t change. The owner and patriarch of the company, Mr. Yuan Teng, stood guard at the counter with an old-school electronic cash register (ECR) and an abacus by its side. “For decades, he ran that cash register, and sometimes used an abacus to calculate the bill,” said Janelle Teng, daughter-in-law and restaurant manager. “I playfully refer to it as a doughnut register, like the old ones you see in doughnut shops. It was basically a glorified calculator, but people loved paying him that way. I think it was fun for the customers.” But it wasn’t working for the business...
“Being a Chinese restaurant, we get a lot of big parties. They will split their checks a hundred different ways under the sun. With the Lavu system I can split checks and print a dozen separate receipts without batting an eye,” Janelle explained. With the first POS system, Janelle said they were limited to splitting checks just eight ways. “And let me tell you, when you’ve got a party of twelve and they want to split their check a dozen ways, you’d better have a flexible system to meet your customers’ needs. You want the dumplings split ten different ways, and everyone to pay for individual dishes? I got it.”.. Read more here

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