Friday, March 10, 2017

Price Reduction - Free Shipping - One Page Checkout

We are pleased to share the following 3 announcement with you:

To keep our lowest price guarantee, we lowered your prices by an average of 5%-7% of all major items.

To provide the best value for our clients and protect them against ever increasing shipping charges, we are extending our FREE SHIPPING program enjoyed by majority of our clients to all of our clients starting immediately.

3. One Page Checkout on our website
Our new One Page Checkout makes it even faster to complete your orders. We welcome your feedback about any part of our business and your comments about our Website

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking A Look at MasterPass

..MasterCard stepped in to design a service for consumers and merchants who want the most simplified checkout process ever. In 2013, the company launched the MasterPass app, which was the first mobile wallet of its kind: it provides both security and universal acceptance as an open platform wallet. In other words, the service allows the customer to pay with any credit card, debit card, or prepaid card the merchant accepts—and yes, that means customer don’t even have to be MasterCard holders to use MasterPass.
How it works
MasterPass eliminates the need to enter financial and shipping information at every new merchant site, or store financials across a number of apps—not only does this streamline the transaction process, but it’s also a better safeguard to sensitive information.
 Here’s how it works:  first, create a digital wallet through the app.  When you decide to buy an item from a merchant, you simply click on the MasterPass icon on the website, sign in to the app,  choose and authenticate your wallet and shipping address, and that’s it—complete checkout as usual on the merchant’s page. To review: sign in, click, click (or swipe, swipe if you’re on an Android or iPhone).  MasterPass does all the work as far as transferring funds and shipping information to the merchant, who submits the payment information to their acquirer as usual for processing.
Benefits for everybody
The MasterPass is a win-win whether you’re buying or selling:
  • Customers like loyalty programs—rewards point turn into freebies or discounts, and what’s not to like about those? Businesses like loyalty programs—repeat customers are the best customers. MasterPass understands both sides of the coin, and as an open wallet, the app accepts loyalty cards to earn points with every use.
  • MasterPass won’t show up as the merchant of record, which makes for an easier transaction experience for customers and merchants alike.
  • When transactions happen, fraud scoring takes place as this is now an industry standard.  MasterPass safeguards user accounts with multiple layers of security (CVC check, address verification, and text alerts)plus optional security features. MasterCard and MasterPass work with bank partners’ Fraud Prevention programs as well.
An unbeatable price?
MasterPass is free!. Read more here

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Popeyes Franchisee Speeds Service with POSsible POS and Touch Dynamic POS Solution

..After considering options, SF Management chose the Touch Dynamic Pulse All-in One POS terminal and POSsible POS software. Designed specifically for demanding foodservice and retail environments, the Pulse All-in-One system offers a wealth of features that expedite workflows such as an easy-to-use capacitive touchscreen, a powerful Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 processor for maximum operating efficiency, and a fanless system for peak performance in harsh conditions typically found in quick service establishments.
SF Management found the Pulse technology to be the ideal candidate to pair with POSsible POS software based on its small footprint, all-in-one design, robust construction, ease of setup and installation, and compatibility with peripherals such as the Epson TM-T70ii printer and Logic Control kitchen display solution. POSsible features a modern user interface, the ability to easily change menus, and a range of modules that help manage back office functions such as inventory/food cost management, vendor management, and flexible couponing.
The Result
With the new solution in place, the Popeyes franchises can increase customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations with more accurate orders in less time. The all-in-one design of the Touch Dynamic Pulse and the graphical user interface of POSsible POS software make order input, payment processing, and receipt generation fast and easy.
Additionally, integration with the kitchen display system, allows orders to flow quickly and seamlessly from the POS to the food preparation area, decreasing the time each customer waits for an order.  It also eliminates reliance on paper order tickets, minimizing the potential for errors.. Read more here

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

IBM, Visa Turn Automobiles, Appliances, Connected Devices into Potential Points of Sale

..The collaboration brings together IBM's Watson IoT platform and cognitive capabilities, with Visa's global payments services that are used by more than 3 billion consumers globally. IBM's Watson IoT Platform allows businesses to connect to billions of connected devices, sensors and systems around the world and then draw actionable insights. Today the platform is used by more than 6,000 IBM clients that are helping customers connect to millions of devices.
IBM and Visa share a vision and commitment to embed payments and commerce into any device - from a watch, to a ring, an appliance or a car. Under this collaboration, companies can infuse secure payments across their entire product lines using the Visa Token Service, a new security technology that replaces sensitive payment account information found on payment cards with a unique digital identifier, via IBM's Watson IoT platform. As a result, IBM and Visa could support payments and commerce on many of the 20 billion connected devices estimated to be in the global economy by 2020i..
Examples of Commerce-based IoT:Consider the consumer's car. Experts estimate there will be 380 million connected cars by 2021ii. As the car ecosystem connects to the Watson IoT Platform, a driver would be alerted when the car's warranty or certification is about to expire or if specific car parts need replacing. With this information, the driver can order parts with the push of a button, or schedule a service appointment at their preferred local garage. The driver could even pay for gas through a direct interaction between the car and the gas pump.. Read more here 
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Top 4 Features That Your Mobile POS Solution Must Have

..Here are the top four considerations to keep in mind as you invest in a mobile POS solution that is right for your business:
Durable: Retailers will need a device that is flexible and can take an occasional hit. With inevitable drops and spills always right around the corner, having a device that can withstand them is essential for a retailer’s ROI. Whether in the warehouse or on the sales floor, retailers should look for a versatile and reliable device.
Accepts All Major Payment: First thing’s first – ensure that the mobile POS device is set up to accept all major forms of payment. With the variety of options available to consumers, operators will need a solution that can accept EMV (chip-based credit cards), NFC (Apple Pay or Google Wallet) and MSR (mag stripe) and online payment options. This will ensure customers won’t be turned away when their preferred payment method is unavailable and will appeal to the tech-savvy crowd that is comprising an increasing portion of the retail customer base.
Battery Life: Imagine this. A retailer is experiencing heavy foot traffic during the holiday season and sales are at an all-time high. Retail staff are preparing for the biggest rush of the day – then the battery dies on their mobile POS device. What now? Retailers should invest in a device that offers them a variety of functions throughout the day and is built to last a full shift without stopping to charge the device. In addition, having a user-replaceable battery is a great added bonus that allows staff to quickly switch out a used battery for a fresh one without putting the entire device out of commission to charge..
Powerful Processor and full OS: Smart retailers will look for a mobile POS solution that can serve as a “utility player” in their establishment. Look for a mobile POS system that has a powerful processor and an enterprise-grade operating system. This will allow the solution to provide a variety of services beyond payment processing, including product comparisons, inventory management and customer purchase history, among other tasks. This enables associates to create cross-sell opportunities and deliver that unique in-store, omni-channel experience customers now expect..Read more here

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Waterproof Receipt Printers More Widely Deployed

..Depending on the environment in which you conduct your business, investing in a waterproof printer might be a luxury; for others, it’s a downright necessity. The chance of coming into contact with water and other various liquids is largely unavoidable in certain businesses..
..A new addition to their Thermal Receipt Printer series, the Posiflex AURA PP9000 offers a water and dust-resistant printer (see inset in picture on the right). At about six inches and just over 2 ½ pounds, this model is ideal for non-mobile solutions (think desktop)..
..Another water resistant printing option comes from Cognitive.  The company designed the 5-inch A798 printer (see image top left) to withstand nominal water damage; it includes a liquid dam and drainage features to help protect the printer from water damage.  For even more protection, Cognitive offers a Spill Guard accessory for the printer. The A798 prints out a standard 6-inch receipt in 1 second, which cuts with a self-sharpening ceramic knife, and this knife is supposed to last for three million cuts before failure..
..This past spring, Bixolon introduced the SRP-F310II.  Nicely sized, this water resistant and dustproof printer bixolon waterproof printertakes up very little counter space (although you still have the option of wall mounting if you prefer). In addition to saving space, the SRP-F31011 supports paper save modes and is Energy Star certified. The printer is 29% faster from the preceding model (SRP-F310). Made with a rugged design, Bixolon built the model with special waterproofing technology and a water-resistant top..Read more here

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taming Traffic. The East Bay’s traffic is only getting worse. Here are three big projects that might just help calm it.

..The changes might be small, but they’ll go a long way in streamlining those morning and evening commutes. And if all goes well, that Friday light will shine from Monday through Friday in the very near future..
1) High-Occupancy Toll Lanes
We’re familiar with the acronym for high-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV) for carpoolers. But to speed up the traffic, high-occupancy toll lanes (HOT), or express lanes, will soon make their debut on more sections of the East Bay’s freeways. The idea is simple: Commuters willing to pay the fees posted on an electronic board for the privilege of traveling in lanes with less traffic will join carpoolers. This will move cars out of the jammed-up noncarpool lanes, thereby speeding up traffic on the entire freeway.
2) eBART  (East Contra Costa BART Extension)  
Though many think that adding a rail line to Antioch from the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station won’t impact Central Contra Costa County traffic, it will do more than most expect. And remember, incremental changes are the goal. If eBART can cut traffic by 2 percent, that will help make Friday light a Tuesday reality.
3) BART to Warm Springs
Warm Springs will have 2,000 more parking spaces, and some riders who now come from Fremont can take advantage of the new station (which should open by the end of this year). Read more here

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